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These tips will aid you in preparing your garage door to be ready for winter

Dec 25

The winter months are in full swing and it's time to set up your overhead doors to competing with the cold weather. Whatever the material your door is constructed of, it's essential to maintain and prepare it to avoid expensive repairs. With preventative maintenance and inspection regularly, you can boost the performance of your residential garage doors in Greensboro NC along with guaranteeing a smooth operation. If you're planning to make your garage door ready for winter and colder months, here are some helpful tips that will help:

Lubricate Moving Parts

If you experience extreme cold or snowy temperatures, the door components such as rollers and springs could become stuck to the tracks, thereby making it impossible to open the door. To make sure you won't require an excessive amount of force to operate a steel garage door that too in the cold months, consider lubricating every moving component with high-quality oils.

Replace Weatherstrip

Weatherstrips are generally installed at the bottom of the door. They are more likely to break than other elements. They function as a seal between the garage door and the outside surroundings. Weatherstrip plays a vital role in stopping the flow of cold air and moisture within the garage. If you notice that your door's weatherstrip is damaged or cracked, get it replaced in the earliest time possible.

Check the Door Switch

In winters, moisture can ruin the look of your door, but also on the wall switch and keypad. It compels the external switch to not function as you would like it to. The batteries for your switch or keypad can become depleted quickly and the door won't open. To avoid being stuck in the garage, it is essential to replace the keypad batteries before the door opens.

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