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How to Use a Pool Noodle on a Caravan?

Jan 30

It's getting closer to Summer and we're all thinking about getting our Winter legs out for that much-needed tan, having a delicious sticky lemonade ice block, and taking a dip to cool down in your pool.

And who could forget about the Pool Noodles - those foam tube water toys that we love using as a floatie or as your sword in an epic water battle. But don't be fooled - these polyethylene devices prove just as useful outside of the swimming quarters. They are actually really handy when it comes to Caravan safety, and here's how:

If you have a Caravan Cover or thinking of purchasing a cover, it is so important to measure your van PLUS everything that is on it and needing to be covered. This may include:

  • Air-Conditioner units
  • Solar Panels
  • Roof Racks
  • Roof-mounted antenna
  • Any upward protruding appliance

Some of these items can have sharp, pointy edges, and this can make it difficult when installing your Caravan Cover.

Pool Noodle to the rescue! Cut the noodle down to size and simply fit it over your van attachments to allow a smooth outer that won't damage your Caravan Cover. If you have a bulky item on your van and you are worried there will be too much space surrounding it, position the pool noodle at a similar height to maintain tautness. 

The Pool Noodle can also be used as child-friendly protection on your Awning Legs. If you have a Roll-Out Awning, your Awning Legs can be a little inconvenient at times. We've all bumped into them here and there. Simply pop the Pool Noodle onto the Legs and quit worrying about all those sore heads. This also goes for the A-frame - slide on the Pool Noodle and have the peace of mind that you holiday is that little more safe.


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